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CU Succeed For Teens and Young Adults

Ages 13 & up

​CU Succeed™ Certificates of Deposit

The low minimum deposit of $500 on a CU Succeed Certificate of Deposit helps to encourage long term savings and teaches the value of investing.

CU Succeed™ Scholarships

Members who scored a GPA of 3.0 and higher or had an A or B average, are encouraged to turn in their progress reports and transcripts in May and December. Each name is entered into a drawing and two names are randomly drawn. Winners are awarded a scholarship of $250 made payable to the college or technical school they attend. Younger members are given a certificate and funds are awarded once they begin college.

Age 16 & Up

CU Succeed Checking

A CU Succeed™ Checking account offers flexible banking with lower and fewer fees and provides an opportunity for members to learn how to handle funds responsibly. It features:
• Free Online Banking
• Free Bill Pay
• Free Mobile Banking
• Opening balance of $50
• No required minimum balance
• Free Visa Debit card
• Four free ATM withdrawals per month at non- MembersFirst Credit Union ATMs

Loan Options*

Auto Loans

MembersFirst will help make navigating the auto buying process simple and will steer you in the right direction. Lending decisions are made with your best interest in mind.

Credit Establishing Loans

This unique loan is designed to help young people with no credit history, safely and smartly establish credit history. Borrow up to $1200 for a maximum term of 15 months. Proceeds from the loan remain on hold in a regular savings account for the full term of the loan. Borrowers make consistent, manageable payments. At maturity of the loan, the funds are released and a healthy credit and payment history is established.

Visa Credit Cards

A credit card from MembersFirst is a safe way to build credit and provide access to credit in a responsible and manageable way, we offer a low rate credit card with a reasonable limit.

* Loan and credit card applicants under the age of 21 must have parent/guardian approval. A co-signer may be required.

News and Offers from MembersFirst

News and Offers

The “Just Don’t Want to Make A Payment This Month” program is back!

Apply Today to Skip Your November, December or January loan payment!

News and Offers

Credit Union Rewards

Love My Credit Union Rewards Offers You Great Savings on Services You Use!

News and Offers

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