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Credit Card Options

VISA® Platinum

The Visa Platinum is available to individuals with above average credit history, who are looking for a little extra spending power. A Visa Platinum features:

• Credit limits up to $25,000
• A low, non-variable interest rate
• No annual fee
• 25-day grace period
• Cash advances at any ATM with the VISA® logo
• Visa® ScoreCard Rewards

VISA® Classic

The VISA® Classic offers benefits and features above the standard classic card in the market. It features a generous credit limit that matches your credit habits and offers many of the benefits you see on Platinum programs. The low, non-variable interest rate makes it perfect for the top spot in your wallet. There are no gimmicks plus it features:

• Credit limits up to $10,000
• Low, non-variable interest rate*
• No annual fee
• 25 day grace period
• Cash advances at any ATM displaying the PLUS or VISA® logo
• Visa® ScoreCard Rewards

VISA® Secured

A Visa® Secured card can help you to establish or build credit while offering the convenience of a credit card. This card is secured by your own funds so you set the limit. A Secured VISA® offers some of the same great benefits of the Visa® Classic.

Features include:
• Credit limits up to 80% of your security deposit*
• Non-Variable interest rate
• Low $15.00 annual fee
• 25- day grace period
• Cash advances at any ATM displaying the VISA® logo

A MembersFirst Visa is rewarding no matter which one you choose …

Visa ScoreCard® Rewards

Earn bonus points for your purchases, hotel reservations and car rentals when you use your MembersFirst Visa® Credit Card. Redeem your bonus points for top quality merchandise, travel rewards, and long anticipated experiences. Combine your earned points with points from your MembersFirst Visa® Debit Card and points from your family members and you can earn and redeem your rewards faster. View the awards and travel catalogs online at

VISA® Account Updater (VAU)

VAU is an account updating service in which your card is automatically enrolled. When your card(s) expire, are lost or stolen and new cards are issued, the service may update relevant card data (card numbers and expiration dates) to appropriate merchants who participate in an effort to facilitate uninterrupted processing of your recurring charges. This service provides updates to a Visa database only. The database is accessed by those qualified merchants seeking your account information after you have requested they process a recurring payment or payments. This service is provided as a free benefit to you. If at any time you wish to opt-out of the VAU service or if you have any questions, please call (404) 978-0080 to do so.

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