How Your Credit Union Can Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

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Surprise! It’s another new year. Like clockwork, we associate the new year with self-improvement or starting something new. While the thought of bettering ourselves is intriguing, it tends to bring on a wave of stress and anxiety. Why? It’s not that the want to isn’t there…it’s the how to that gets us. Moreover, the lack of knowledge of resources or tools available to help us keep New Year’s resolutions doesn’t help either.

We can help.

We’re committed to simplifying your banking experience and, by doing so, reducing the stress that comes with dealing with finances and keeping yourself “out of the red.” Your credit union is comprised of people who share similar financial goals and challenges who also want to keep New Year’s resolutions.

Tip the scale in your favor. When making this year’s list of resolutions and goals, keep these 5 tips in mind. You might just see your waistline shrink while your savings expand.

How Your Credit Union Can Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Get a grip on finances.

Knowing where your money is going gives you more confidence, and as a result, you can control it better. If keeping better track of where your money is going is part of your new year’s resolutions, use online and mobile banking and e-Statements to keep track of your money. Use MoneyDesktop™ (accessible through online banking) to sort purchases and deposits into categories. You can identify areas you might want to reassign funds for a better purpose – like saving and paying off high-interest loans (or swapping a few fast-food purchases each month for a basic gym membership).

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5 Ways to Boost Your Credit Score

5 ways to boost your credit score

Credit scores… that three-digit number may not always be top-of-mind, but chances are, you’ve given some thought to boosting your score. Here are 5 tips to get you started.

1. Pay your bills on time. If you find this to be a challenge, consider signing up for automatic payments.

2. Pay more than just the minimum payment on your credit cards. Work on paying down your debt before you acquire any new debt.

3. Pay your credit card bills before they’re due. This way, more of your money will go toward paying for the month’s purchases instead of interest.

4. Find out if you have any outstanding medical bills. These can significantly drag down your credit score.

5. If you feel your debt has become unmanageable, consider a debt management program. Talk with us at MembersFirst about your options.

**Your Turn** Did you recently improve your credit score? Tell us how you did it in the comments!

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9 Hobbies That Don’t Cost A Lot of Money

No matter the season, it’s always the perfect time to save money and find ways to have fun without breaking the bank (or credit union). Here are nine hobbies that don’t cost a lot of money and just might add a little value to your day.

9 hobbies that dont cost a lot of money branded

Hobbies don’t need to be expensive. Here are nine great ideas to give you some downtime without breaking your budget.

1. Watch online documentaries. You’ll find programs on every topic, from your favorite historical era to your secret animal obsession.

2. Run. All you need is a pair of sneakers and you’re set!

3. Take up gardening. Buy a cheap packet of seeds, some fertilizer and basic gardening tools. Take out some gardening books from the library and get ready to discover your green thumb!

4. Scrapbook. Is there any better way to remember memorable events forever than by documenting them in a fun page of mementos, scrap materials and more?

5. Read. Curl up on the sofa with your warmest throw blanket and an extra-large cup of hot chocolate, and lose yourself in a thick novel. Borrow your books from your local public library or from friends for a completely cost-free hobby.

6. Volunteer. You can lend a hand in a soup kitchen, help sort clothing for the needy or offer to mentor a child. There are so many ways to volunteer!

7. Go camping. Camping is a fantastic, cheap hobby that will help you expand your comfort zone and tap into your inner nature-lover. You only need to splurge once on basic camping equipment – or you can borrow a tent from a friend.

8. Stargaze. This one might not seem like a ‘hobby’; however, there’s nothing like lying down on a blanket in middle of nowhere and losing yourself in the fathomless cosmos.  Make it even more fun by sharing this time as a family or with friends.

9. Write. Whether esoteric poetry is your thing or you love ranting endlessly about your biggest pet peeves, put pen to paper for a creative, cathartic release. Join a local writing club for some feedback, or start your own blog and share your opinions with the world!!

Tell us…what are some of your favorite, low-cost hobbies? Share with us below!