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The Savasaurus Library will teach you about new things, give you some websites that can help you with your homework, and help you understand some of the words used at MembersFirst Credit Union. If you have questions about a word that you hear at the credit union, just email us and we'll be happy to help.


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Credit Union Words and Definitions

Every good credit union member knows the words and terms used at the credit union. Here are some words you may hear at the credit union:

Visa® Debit Card

A debit card with the Visa® logo on it which allows the user to withdraw money from a checking account.


The recording of an entry of debt in an account. (Each time someone withdraws money from an account, the transaction is called a debit.)


To move money from one account to another account.

Payroll Deduction

An automatic deduction of money from a paycheck into an account.

Credit Union

A credit union is a financial institution. It is a place where people can save and borrow money. The people who join the credit union are called "members," and they own the credit union. That means that you, as a member of the MembersFirst Savasaurus Club, own a part of the credit union too! A credit union does not keep a profit. All of the money that is earned by the credit union is returned to the members in the form of dividends.


A deposit is when you put some money into your account at the credit union. The credit union is a safe place for your money. Example: When you put money into your piggy bank, it is a deposit into your piggy bank.


A withdrawal is when you take money from your account to pay for something. Example: When you want to spend your money and you take it out of your piggy bank, it is a withdrawal from your piggy bank.

Dividend / Interest

A dividend or interest is money that you earn for saving your money at the credit union. The interest that you earn is a percentage of what you have saved. That means the more you save, the more interest you can earn.


Profit is the extra money that a company has leftover after paying all the bills. Example: If you are going to sell lemonade and your parents lend you $2.00 to pay for lemons, sugar and cups, you owe your parents $2.00. If you sell 10 cups of lemonade for 50 cents each, you will then have $5.00. When you pay your parents back, you must subtract $2.00 from the $5.00. You have $3.00 left. That is your profit.


ATM stands for Automatic Teller Machine. An ATM is a machine that allows people to deposit and withdraw money from their accounts whenever they need to, even if the credit union is closed.

Account Balance

This is the total amount of all the money that is in your account at the credit union.


A statement is a letter from the credit union that tells you all of the deposits and withdrawals that you make at the credit union. It also tells you what your account balance is after all of those deposits and withdrawals are added and subtracted.

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