Company Membership

Thank you for your interest in joining the Field of Membership of MembersFirst Credit Union. To begin the process, please draft a letter of request for the expansion of our Field of Membership. Once we receive this letter, we will submit your request to our board of directors and the Georgia Department of Banking and Finance for review and approval.

This process takes approximately 30-45 days to complete.

It's a Risk Free Benefit

Credit union service is one of the most popular fringe benefits you can offer your employees. Although employees often consider credit union membership a company benefit, credit unions like MembersFirst are self-supporting and operate independently. There is NO financial risk to your organization.

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Encourages Financial Stability

MembersFirst Credit Union is a not-for-profit, financial cooperative owned by its members. Our members have benefited significantly from the credit counseling and consumer education provided free of cost. MembersFirst aims to help its members build their credit and achieve financial stability.

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Complements the Benefits Package

MembersFirst Credit Union services often complement the benefits already offered by your organization. The savings, loans and transaction services we provide can be an excellent addition to your insurance, stock option and profit-sharing plans.

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Simplifies Payday

We offer payroll deduction and direct deposit, which are two of the most popular services that we provide. These services allow employees to save regularly and make loan payments and any other regular payments directly from their accounts. While payroll deduction is not mandatory, it's made simple and convenient by MembersFirst.

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What to Do to Join

Your Organization

If you are interested in MembersFirst Credit Union membership for your organization, you can write a letter of request to us asking that we expand our Field of Membership to include you. Once this request is received, we will present it to the board of directors and the Georgia Department of Banking and Finance for approval. A Sample Letter of Request is provided for you.

Your Employees

Once your company becomes a part of our Field of Membership, your employees can sign up for membership. Once an individual becomes a member, they can remain members until they close their account regardless of where they work or live. MembersFirst is also open to immediate family of your employees and people dwelling in the same household.

MembersFirst bylaws require all members to open a basic savings account and maintain a minimum balance of $25. This $25 remains in the member's savings as long they maintain membership with the credit union. The savings account permits access to any MembersFirst products and services. MembersFirst deposits/savings (called shares) represent member ownership in the credit union.

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