Loans & Credit Cards

Personal Loans

Signature Loans

Sometimes you need some extra cash to pay a bill, make an emergency purchase or take a last-minute trip. At MembersFirst, we offer reasonable interest rates and quick turnaround on personal loans so that you can get the money when you need it.

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Certificate and Share Secured Loans

Don't touch your hard-earned savings account or certificate when you need money. Instead, use your savings or certificate as collateral and apply for a certificate or share secured loan. You'll continue to receive a great return on your savings while enjoying one of the best financing rates the credit union has to offer.*

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Debt Reduction Loan - Save As You Pay

The Save as You Pay loan is designed especially for qualified members seeking to eliminate credit card debt while saving in a high yield savings account. Our unique Save As You Pay loan allows you to consolidate and eliminate credit card debt within 6 years and save up to 20% of the amount you borrow in a high yield savings account. Members can borrow up to $25,000.

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Fast Cash Loans

Fast Cash Loans are available in April, August and December each year. With a maximum loan amount of $750, our Fast Cash Loans are quick and convenient. These non-qualifying loans can help you build your credit and provide quick cash at critical times during the year. Fast Cash Loans are repaid exclusively through Payroll Deduction or Direct Deposit. Our short repayment period of 4 months or 8 biweekly payments, allows members to pay off the loan quickly and minimize financing costs. There is a minimal processing fee for this loan.

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Holiday Loans

Holiday Loans are available in November and December.*** This convenient loan can help you build credit and is payable within 10 months. Holiday Loans give members a little extra spending money during the Holiday season. Holiday loans are exclusively repaid through payroll deduction, direct deposit or automatic transfers. There is a minimal processing fee for this loan.

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Credit Establishing Loan

Our Credit Establishing Loan is designed to help you build or improve your credit. This unique loan allows you to borrow up to $2,500 with loan terms up to 18 months. Funds on this loan are not available for immediate withdrawal. As you repay your loan, you build your credit.


*Certificate Secured loan rates are 2% above your current certificate rate. Please see your loan officer for details.

**APR - Annual Percentage Rate

***Holiday Loans are typically offered in November and December only. However, every year a board assessment is done to determine if the program will be offered. The credit union will notify you when the loan is available.